Has your insurance company increased your premiums because of your old wiring?

A spontaneous fire caused by an electrical fault is many home owners greatest fear. Remember, the majority of the time we spend at home we’re actually asleep.

Older houses (eg houses built prior to 1970) were not designed for today’s lighting loads or the number or variety of appliances. Your parents home probably didn’t have a clothes dryer, it certainly didn’t have a bench top espresso and there was not a computer or 40 inch TV in the living room. We consume a lot more power than our parents did but live in homes designed for simpler times.

The type of cable and fuse used in older homes has been found to perish and decay very quickly, leading to hazards such as electric shock, fire, overloading, and short-circuiting. Re-wiring with tough plastic sheath, circuit breakers and residual current devices can reduce the risk of hazards such as electric shock and fire.

What is involved?
Removal of all old Tough Rubber Sheath (TRS) and Vulcan Indianised Rubber (VIR) cables, old steel conduit and rewiring with new Tough Plastic Sheath (TPS) cables.
Replace all original sockets, lights switches, light fittings and other electrical fittings with modern fittings.
New Mains cables installed, old fuse board and porcelain fuses are replaced with a tidy, modern, recessed or surface mounted switch board, utilising circuit breakers and residual current devices (RCDs) to keep your house safe.
Move your power meters to a new meter board on an outside wall, so that the meter reader no longer needs access to your home.
Finally an electrical inspector will check certain aspects of the job and sign off the Certificate of Compliance.

How long does it take?
Most house rewiring projects can be completed in one week.
You should expect only a minimum of disruption and no damage to the walls or ceilings.
We plan the work so what is started each morning will be completed before the end of the day, so you have lights, hot water and can recharge the kids iPads each night. No-one wants to be without WiFi!


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